Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My nipples are leaking fluid... And I'm NOT pregnant!

At times it may happen that there's alittle bit (or a little more) fluid leaks out from your nipples. In fact it's not even unusual that one or another form of strange liquid drips / escapes from outside of your breasts. And that liquid can come in various consistencies and colors as well.

What is that strange non-pregnancy related discharge that comes out of your nipples?

First let me tell you that, before you get freaked out, this is in mnost cases something you should worry about at all. That funny spontanious liquid that you may find escaping from your nipples is in fact the result of a non-cancerous type of tumor. A large percentage of women grow these non hazardous little tumor-cells in the fatty tissue of their breasts. Although these tumors may become cancerous at a certain time, most of them don't. After a certain age therefor you should check regularly with your doc or at the hospital for cancerous mutations of those tumors. While your breasts are being squeezed and tightened all the time, for example when you wear a bra or during sex, these tumor cells often emit a fluid, which has to come out one way or the other, and in many cases it finds its way out through your nipples.

It may as well be that you suffer from an infection inside one or both breasts. In that case you will notice a more regular leakage of awkward fluid. When this happens quite often, say a few times a week it is advised to visit your doctor, she will be able to analyze what kind of fluid is leaking from your breasts.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The pros and cons of wearing a bra

Should I waear a bra? Why should you wear a bra? Is wearing a bra unhealthy? What are the disadvantages of wearing a bra?
In the below article you will get answers on these questions and more. This piece is all about wearing (or not to wear) bras. In today's society, wearing a bra is one of the most common things to do for women from the moment onwards that the breasts start to develop. Almost 90% of all Western women wear a bra on a daily basis, and more than 45% wears them during hibernating. Why is it good to wear a bra? I will give you a good number of reasons why, or why not to wear a bra a little later on, but let me first start off with a little background info.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nipple piercings - Beautiful, sexy and exciting

Beautiful heart shaped nipple piercing
In the past 15 years or so, nipple piercings have grown mature from an obscure alt-scene phenomena to trendy, scocially acceptable and sexy. Many women and their partners alike love to see and feel a good piece of erotic jewelry that can greatly enhance sexual lifestyle as well. Nipple piercings go alongside with clit piercings, which might be a step too far for you.

What are the risks when getting a nipple piercing?

The procedure of getting your nipple pierced with an awesome looking ring or knob does come with some risk of infection though, which can even lead to mastitis which is quite a serious form of breast infection. This doesn't occur very often, yet you should be alerted on forehand that the risk is there. Other possible less attractive implications could include scarring, rejection of your jewelry, boils or even risk of HIV or hepatitis transmission from  inproper or non-sterilized piercing equipment. Also more things are on the list which made it to evolve to a partial mastectomy. Your nipple piercing could potentially also cause problems while wearing it for the simple plain reason that clothes you wear can get caught up with your piercing and drag it to here and there.

Can I breast feed with a nipple piercing?

 Yes. As far as the story about breastfeeding and nipple piercings may concern, you can very well do breast feeding while having nipple piercings as long as you don't get a build-up of internal- or external scar-tissue. In case that happens, or if your nipple piercing became infected during healing process, you may have a problem with your breast feeding, in particular with the milk flow. However, most breast feeding women who also have pierced nipples can breastfeed fwithout any issues or inconvenience. Just remember to always remove the piercing before starting to breastfeed.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bumps on your areolas

If you are worried about having bumps on your areolas, which is the case for many women out there, well I should inform you that they are actually supposed to be there! They even have a name: Montgomery glands. Some people also refer to these as areola skin glands. The exact function is not quite known, although most biologists and scientists believe that these areola bumps are there to secrete the fluids responsible for keeping the nipples soft and lubricated. That's why we refer to them as being "glands".

The breast anatomy showing
nipple, areola & Montgomery glands
also known as areola bumps
Some women have very tiny, almost unnoticeable Montgomery glands while other women are "blessed" with more visible, larger bumps on their areolas. Whichever case applies to you, the thing to remember is that you should NEVER squeeze or pinch these glands for the simple reason that (because they are glands), they can get infected.

Quite recently there has been a study conducted in which the researchers found that women with many and larger areola glands, their breastfeeding want more smoothly, they produced more and better quality milk and their overall breast health was significantly better. So if you have quite visible areola bumps, well maybe you should be glad after all!

How to make your breasts firm and perky

Every woman and girl wants to have firm, perky, round breasts, don't you? This howto guide will show you just how to accomplish that!

How to get firmer breasts - The 101 guide

There are several different reasons why you would want to get firmer breasts, by far the number one argument is simply because it makes your bustier look amazing! But other reasons like post-pregnancy, quicker then expected or sudden weight loss and the unpopular aging could also lead to so-called "sagging" your boobs. Drooping breasts (saggy boobs) can make you  severely self conscious, especially when it comes to your physical appearance and you could well find yourself choosingnot to wear particular clothes in public or even when your partner is around! But don't give up just yet! There are remedies such as therapy and "breast exercises" available, specially to firm up, perk up and lift your increasingly sagging boobs. And although age is something that really can't be reversed unless you swallow 5 soft-gels of MF3 each day, your breasts can significantly change appearance, for the better! So follow me on this journey and find out:

How to make your boobs firmer

Breast Massage to get firmer breasts

By regularly mssaging your breasts you find an an outstanding method with effective techniques to firm up your boobs as well as to hydrate and soften your breasts.

The first thing you need to do is to make your breast skin firmer by making an infusion of 30g rosemary, 30g of wild thyme and 30g of regular thyme. Cool down the prepared mixture of lotion to room temperature if it isn't already, filter it to remove the larger particles and then apply your home-made solution carefully onto your breasts. Leave the mixture there on the skin of your breasts for about 15 to 20 minutes, cover it with a layer of tissue or soft toilet paper and when the sound of the alarm can be heard you rinse it all off with cool to cold water.

Video: Firm breasts with real natural home remedies

As I mentioned earlier, hydrating and softening your precious breasts is partly accomplished by massaging your boobs on a regular basis (or by letting your romantic partner do the job). You should always keep in mind to massage from the outside towards the inside of your breast, and go around your nipple. You may choose to use avocado, argan oil oil or jojoba oil (which is a favorite!) to massage your boobs or if you want to make the party complete you could even mix those three together in three equal parts. Avocado oil is fairly rich in those essential vitamins and re-generates as well as protects the sensitive skin of your jewel breasts. Argan oil is rich in vitamins too, especially A, B, C, D, E and PP (which is almost all that you need) and moreover it contains plenty of antioxidants that help you generously and naturally to prevent aging of skin. Jojoba oil to close it off provides deep nourishing and hydration that helps in restructuring the skin of the breasts.

Effective breast firming exercises

Push-up exercise
With your hands placed under your shoulders, lie on the floor on your stomach. Hold your feet at the width of your shoulders, tuck your toes under such that your balance is on the balls of your feet. Your abdominals should remain contracted so as to make your back parallel to the floor. Your head and neck should lie at the level of your spine. Inhale while you lower your chest. Exhale while returning back to the starting position. If you do not have enough strength to perform a plank push-up, do pushups from your knees.

Chest press exercise for firmer breasts
Lie flat on the ground, bench or a balance ball on your back. With palms facing forwards, hold a dumbbell in both your hands. Hold your elbows out to the sides keeping them parallel to your shoulders and bend at an angle of 90 degrees. Exhale while stretching your arms towards the ceiling. You should take care to keep the weights separated and to not squeeze your chest at the top of the movement. Inhale and move back to the starting position.

Chest fly exercise to firm your boobs
Hold a dumbbell in both your hands and lie down on your back. Take care to keep your arms straight and in level to your shoulders. With palms facing each other, lift both the hands and bring them together above your chest.

Standing press exercise to get firm breasts
Stand in front of a wall, at a distance of one foot. Put your hands on the wall at the height of your shoulders about two feet apart. Your fingers should point upwards and your feet should be placed one meter apart. Simultaneously bend your elbows at 90 degrees and lift your heels while keeping the core area of the body rigid.

Resistance bands exercise for firmer breasts
By exercising with a resistance band, you can add variation to your chest exercises. Wrap the resistance band into something stable just behind you and hold one handle in each hand. With your elbows bent and palms facing downwards, take your arms to your side. Bring your arms back in front of you while squeezing your chest.

Do these chest firming exercises three times in a week and take care to keep a difference of 48-72 hours between two sessions. Perform 1-3 sets comprising of 8-16 repetitions for each exercise. When you are able to do 3 sets of 12 repetitions of any particular exercise, then instead of increasing the repetitions, increase the resistance. The weight of the dumbbell should be increased for chest fly and chest presses, whereas for pushups you can put a bench to elevate your feet.

Hydrotherapy for amazing looking firm breasts

You can use hydrotherapy to better tone texture of your breasts. Whenever you are taking a bath or shower, first make sure to rinse your breasts well with cool to warm water (not hot!) for about a minute or so. Then rinse them again with the coldest water you can possibly tolerate (don't go too far!) this time for about 10 to 20 sec. To get an even better result you can also rinse between warm and cold for a few minutes long. Always do get into the habit of finishing your rinsing treatment with the application of cold water. The hydro-therapy helps to increase the blood circulation, tand in effect stimulating the synthesis of so-called elastin and collagen, both of these substances are effectively responsible for making the skin of your breasts firmer.

And that's all we have for today, now get to work!

The most insane breast product ever made

Have you ever heard of the term "boobology"? No? Well, it is a science! People who work in this very particular field have made it their profession to analyze, investigate and research breasts. They're not only busy to get to know everything there is to know about boobs, they actually invent for them. Some of those inventions are quite useful and find great satisfaction to women and sometimes men alike. But some others are... errr not always that practical after all, quite strange or even right out insane!

We've compiled a top 6 of most hilarious, most awkward and most insane products for breasts ever made! And in this first post we kick off with...

Most idiotic breast product ever invented

The Kush support breast seperator coconveniently
comes in all skin color tones. How thoughful!
May we introduce you to the: Kush support breast seperator. According to some people, dark matter is the most devastating force in the universe. There are souls though who will happily contest that theory, arguing that a massive black hole is more powerful. To be honest that is all too scientific for me, but I will certainly not join the same group of people (perhaps one or two) who tend to convincingly believe that the world totally and fully ends when... two breasts touch each other. But wait!

The Kush support breast seperator in action,
no more clashing smashing boobs...
(seperated twins)
There is hope! I found out that there is one particular scientific professor of boobology who dedicates his life to fighting the inevitable boobocalypse by ingeniously inventing the Kush support breast seperator.

This particular "in-no-way-tive" piece of plastic equipment has the ability to be stuck in-between the two breasts, preventing them to get involved in undesired contact with one another and thus preventing the end of your world. Well isn't that the best invention ever?! And it gets even better... They come in all possible skin colors!

I did ask my girlfriend whether she would ever consider buying one of these 'trendy' Kush devices.... The answer was a strict and firm NO! Quoting her in her own words:
I fucking love the feeling of my boobs moving against each other, why in the world would I want to force them apart! And by the way, I wouldn't think that is quite healthy for the natural formation of my breasts as well. Go stick one of those things between your butt!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Breasts are not organs - Or are they?

Are breasts organs?
Many people ask the question Are breasts organs?

Well, the short answer is no, breasts are not organs, although this issue is still widely debated, but in the official medical literature breasts are not referred to as actual organs of the female body.

Breasts do have certain important functions, like every (other) organ in the body, and that's exactly why the debate whether breasts are organs is kept alive so long. The motivation for breasts not to be categorized as organs is that an organ should have a vital function inside the human body. And although breasts are quite essential to women if they want to have children, one could live perfectly without breasts.

Hui C. Tsou, MD:
The breast is not an organ per se, but a distinctive region of skin and subcutaneous tissue
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